Black Friday Guide: When do the Stores Open on Black Friday?

Black Friday is 10 percent preparation and 90% standing in a long line with annoying people. With this in mind we’ve rounded up the opening times for the major places you’ll score Black Friday laptops and HDTV savings of epic porportions.

Keep in mind, some lines have already formed and if you are going to be out in the elements you’ll want a tent, food, someone to watch your spot during bathroom breaks and a coat like the ScotteVest Revolution Plus Jacket with 26 pockets for all your Black Friday gear.

If you are really set on getting something on Black Friday from places like Best Buy or Walmart you should kiss Thanksgiving goodbye and get ready to line up around noon on Thursday, at the earliest. Of course, you can always look for online deals, but retailers don’t always announce when the online sales start.

You can see all of the laptops available at each store by visiting our Ultimate List of Black Friday Laptops and check out our Black Friday Apple Deals page for the best prices on a new Mac or iPod.



Best Buy

  • Best Buy Black Friday Deals
  • Doors Open at 5 AM on Black Friday (Tickets passed out 2-3 hours ahead of time for big ticket items)
  • Online Sales during Black Friday

Office Max

Office Depot

Radio Shack

Sam’s Club




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