Updated: Complete List of NewEgg Black Friday Deals – 10% Bing Cashback on All Deals!


Bogdan had a great writeup of the initial listing of NewEgg deals, but wouldn’t you know it, some of them are already sold out! Here is a short but sweet list of some of the good remaining deals, and a notice about the 10% cashback from Bing!

NewEgg.com is one of the gems of the web that tech guys like me go to find great deals on computer components. However, NewEgg also sells plenty of consumer oriented stuff like TVs, digital cameras, and full computers (not just parts). They’ve got a full list of their Black Friday deals over on their Facebook page, and I’ve pulled out a few that may interest our readers here at Notebooks.com. Don’t forget, all of these deals are eligible for 10% Bing Cashback!

Game Consoles:

I’m not sure about you, but I’d rather shop online than wait in line. Good luck on all of your Black Friday shopping adventures! Use the Shop Now button to be taken to the complete list of deals on NewEggs Facebook page.