Acer Aspire One

Gateway LT32 Compact Netbook Announced

Gateway introduced a new addition to the LT netbook series. The LT32 netbook features an 11.6-inch screen and an AMD Athlon II Neo processor. Following the r...
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My Son and His Acer Netbook

My son Daniel has been begging me for a netbook computer for about as long as they've existed. Now that he is a little older we decided to surprise him for his ...

Watch Out For Bad Black Friday Netbook Deals

Every year manufacturers and retailers roll out cheap one notebook and netbook configurations for Black Friday. Many times these low cost computers are alright for basic users who only want to surf the web and browse photos; but some cheap netbooks sold on Black Friday are cheap for a reason. They aren't any good. Case in point, the $119 Delstar 7 Inch Wireless Netbook 05 being sold at Kmart on Black Friday this year is a horrible buy.

What You Need to Know About Subsidized Netbooks From AT&T and Verizon

If you've been paying attention to commercials lately you may have noticed that many cell phone companies are now selling netbooks, small cheap computers, with a high speed data connection at a subsidized price just like their phones. Given all the cool things that Bill Kurtis can do with the internet on his AT&T netbook you might be tempted to get one of your own and use its 3g connection instead of paying for highspeed from your cable company but before you do that you better read the rest of this post.