Week in Review MacBook Air, Reviews and More October 29

The new MacBook Air (late 2010) model came out last week, but that didn’t stop it from being a big news item this week alongside how many of us use our iPads and much more in the world of tech.

Our own Kevin Purcell picked up a new 13″ MacBook Air and gave us the unboxing you can see below and his first impressions of the MacBook Air from a first time to the Mac user which is definitely worth a read/watch.

We also found a few aftermarket MacBook Air upgrades including the announcement of a user upgradeable SSD for the MacBook Air and a matte screen option for the new MacBook Air. We also found a cool new case designed specifically for the MacBook Air.

If you’re interested to see how the MacBook Air boot times compare to other MacBooks and Windows notebooks you’ll want to check out the boot speed test we found at Laptop Magazine.

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