MacBook Air Boot and Wake Times Compared to Windows Notebook and iPad

The MacBook Air promises to be one of the fastest booting systems available today. Wake from sleep is said to be nearly instantaneous. Laptop Magazine did a comparison between the new 11-inch MacBook Air and what they call one of the fastest Windows-based notebooks available, the Sony VAIO Z with Windows 7. They also throw in the Apple iPad.


Their results were as you would expect. The MacBook Air booted from the fully off position in about 15 seconds. It woke from sleep in less than two seconds.

Sony_VAIO_Z series

The Sony VAIO Z used had a faster Intel Core i5 or i7 processor (depending on which model they used; it is not specified) and a pair of SSD hard drives configured for speed. It is in the same family of the notebook that APC recently called “The best notebook of all time.” And it took longer to get through it’s BIOS system check than the MacBook Air took to boot. Total time was 40 seconds, which for a Windows 7 notebook is very fast. Waking from sleep took about five seconds.

As a way of showing just how fast the MacBook Air is, they also tested the boot time of an iPad, which took 25 seconds to boot. It woke up instantly like the MacBook Air. It might even be faster.

Below is their video that demos all of this.

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