Bloggers Sure Love Their MacBooks

MacBook BloggersI’m at the blogger’s lounge in CES, along with bloggers from some of the best known gadget sites.There are about 18 bloggers blogging right now and the only guy on a PC is Wille from Wille says he’s switching to a Mac when Apple comes out with an ultraportable.

The CrunchGear guys are using MacBooks and MacBook Pros. The Gizmodo guys are on a pair of MacBook Pros. Jose from is sitting next to me and he’s on a MacBook. Paul from is on a MacBook.

I’m using a MacBook Pro (2.2GHz, 4GB memory, 250GB hard drive, Leopard) to blog and edit videos at CES. I’m also using a Sony VAIO TZ Series notebooks (1.2GHz Intel ULV, 2GB memory 32GB SSD) to broadcast live.

It’s interesting to see that Apple products are nearly the unanimous tool of choice for a group of people who spend 24/7 writing about gadgets.

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