Apple iPad 2 Announcement Invites March 2nd

It looks like the rumors about an Apple iPad 2 announcement on March 2nd are true. Apple issued an invitation to select members of the press for a March 2nd event. The invitation is for 10:00 AM at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco. It looks like the iOS calendar with the March 2 date and upper right corner pealing away to reveal an iPad.

The caption reads, “Come see what 2011 will be the year of.” The invite is not exactly holding anything back. This will clearly be an iPad 2 announcement since the big 2 on the invite represents both the date and the generation of the device. and, our sister site, have been all over the iPad 2 news and we will be there on Wednesday to bring you all the information as soon as we learn about it.

Here is a scoring list of what it might include with the ones we expect to actually happen in bold:

  • iPad 2 announcement
  • Front facing camera on iPad
  • Rear facing camera on iPad
  • 1MP or 3MP or 5MP camera on iPad
  • Thinner iPad
  • Higher resolution screen on iPad
  • Full retina display on iPad
  • Not a higher resolution screen on iPad
  • Larger speakers on iPad
  • Faster processor on iPad with most likely a dual-core
  • More RAM on iPad
  • SD Card slot on iPad
  • USB port on iPad
  • iOS 4.3 release
  • Redone notification system in iOS 4.3
  • MobileMe overhaul with possibly free service
  • iTunes wireless sync and/or backup via MobileMe
  • New iMacs

Which ones do you expect to happen and have we missed any? Comment below.

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