Apple’s MobileMe to be Free, Possibly Sync iTunes

Apple’s MobileMe cloud syncing service for Mac OS X and iOS devices will soon be free, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. Currently the service costs $99 a year. MobileMe offers the ability to backup and sync things like a calendar, contacts, and email between iOS devices and Mac computers. It also will backup video, pictures, and other files via online storage through iDisk.

Apple already made the Find My iPhone part of the service free to all iPhone users through their Apple account ID. The Find My iPhone will locate a user’s phone on a map and allow them to send it a message or sound, lock it, or erase it remotely through the MobileMe web site.

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In addition to removing the fee, Apple will be offering online iTunes through the service. Instead of going through the iTunes software on a Mac or PC, one could go through the free MobileMe service to buy and backup music. As a result, syncing could become wireless. This is something iOS device users have desired for some time. A recent app which offered this was produced and also rejected by the Apple App Store.

This change in the MobileMe service could come this June when most Apple observers expect the next version of the iPhone to also be announced or even launched.

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