Apple to Announce New Genius ‘Joint Venture’ Service Sunday

Apple’s meeting for retail employees scheduled for Sunday, February 27, is stirring rumors that a new service may be introduced into Apple retail stores. Employees have this far been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which is atypical, and BGR is reporting that the secret ingredient for the meeting, at least until its February 27th announcement, is a new service called Joint Venture.

Joint Venture would be part of the Apple Genius Bar offering, which provides technical support, diagnostics, repairs, and consultation at Apple stores. Currently as it exists, Apple technical consultants, dubbed Geniuses, at the Genius Bar cannot provide support outside of Apple’s retail location. With Joint Venture, Apple could tap into the prosumer and small business market better by allowing Geniuses to offer help over the phone and make house calls or office visits.

The service can make Apple more consumer-friendly and can help new users as well adjust to purchasing a Mac. By allowing Geniuses to make house calls, new users to the Mac ecosystem can feel more comfortable with having a trained professional in their home to help them set up their computer, home network, and other equipment. Need help getting your Apple TV connected to your computer to stream the content you had just purchased on iTunes? A Genius can come into your home and walk you through the process of setting up your hardware.

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