Core i7 MacBook Pro Battery Life Not Close to 8-9 Hours?

Apple is claiming that their new MacBook Pros will run for up to 8-9 hours” on a single charge. With regular use, including benchmarking, editing video, typing and surfing the Internet, the battery on a 15-inch MacBook Pro configured with the Intel Core i7 processor ran for only 5:18, according to a review at Engadget. That should not at all be surprising to seasoned notebook computer observers. Most companies claim up to” a certain level of battery life and usually you can be certain that it will only get 60-75 percent of that figure. Using the 8 hour mark, 5:18 is about 66 percent of the claimed battery life.

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With the release of the iPad, Apple not only met the the advertised battery life, but in the experience of many users exceeded it. In my own test my iPad got 11:15. The iPad has a very controlled set of conditions in which it operates making predictions of things like battery life easier to make than on a less controlled platform like a notebook computer. But the iPad figures still had some hoping up to” 8-9 hours meant we would see very close to 8-9 hours. Unfortunately, it is back to the norm of over promises from the marketing department.

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