Waterfield Designs iPad Wallet Will Protect iPad and Cary Keyboard and Accessories

Waterfield Designs makes high quality cases and bags for various Apple products including the iPad. Their soon to be released iPad Wallet is a fabric case with enough room inside for not only an iPad enclosed in its own case, but also an Apple Bluetooth keyboard ipad_wallet_main_items_mdand other small accessories.

It has room for an iPad in a case or a pocket that fits just an iPad itself. It also has an offset pocket that will hold a keyboard. And if a user wants to carry around other accessories like a charging or syncing cable, there’s room for it as well.

The case will come in six different colors (Pine, Pearl, Green, Flame, Copper and Black). It will cost $79 and can be pre-ordered today from the company’s web site.


Options include a mini shoulder strap, a larger suspension strap, or you can order it with just the D-rings to add your own strap. These cost extra. The wallet can also be ordered without any straps or D-rings. The wallet will be shipping by October 31.

In our previous experience with cases from Waterfield Designs, we were very impressed by their quality.

Source: Gattabemoble.com

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