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How to backup your installation of Windows 7

Now that you have upgraded to Windows 7, you will need to create a backup of your installation. One of the major reasons why I recommend you do this immediately after installation is to avoid some of the chores associated with reinstalling Windows 7. For instance, if your computer crashes or becomes unstable and you need to reinstall Windows, you will have to do a couple of extra steps if you purchased the Upgrade version of Windows 7.
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Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7

We continue our look at moving from previous versions of Windows to Windows 7. Yep, there are many Windows XP users out there who continue to enjoy it. But they are hearing about Windows 7 a lot lately and all the really cool new features it offers, from desktop improvements to how you do things easier like networking, organization of files and better performance.
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Using Windows Easy Transfer in Windows 7

So far we have looked at two ways of installing Windows 7 on your PC – Clean/Custom Install or In-Place Upgrading. Many persons will be buying Windows 7 on a new PC when its released and would like to get their personal data from an old PC to the new PC running Windows 7. Windows 7 offers an easy, convenient way to make the move with the built in Windows Easy Transfer utility. As you can see in the screenshot below, I have a lot of files on my old PC running Windows 7, and I would like to get those files over safely over to my new computer also running Windows 7.

Tip: Develop a Solid Backup Strategy for Your Notebooks Before It’s Too Late

Backing up notebooks is easier and more affordable than ever. At the minimum, you should have two copies of every photo, video and document that really matters to them. Ideally, you should have several copies of your files stored locally and offsite. How aggressive you are about backing up your data depends can depend on your budget, amount of data and how much time you have to put into it all.

Iomega Intros Slim eGo Portable Drives

ego-rubyred-ps-largeIomega introduced a new, slimmer lineup of eGo portable hard drives that offer a lot of protection. The new drives are less than a half-inch thick and weigh less than seven ounces. They come wrapped in anodized aluminum shells and can be safely dropped from a height of 51 inches.