Road Trip Backups: Apricorn Aegis Padlock External Harddrive Review

You can’t have a road trip without pictures, especially if you are going to places like Mount Rushmore, the Wind Caves and Devil’s Tower. Thanks to digital cameras, snapping a thousand pictures in the course of a week is easy to do, but if you aren’t backing up your pictures you are asking for trouble. For this trip we brought along an Aegis Padlock external hard drive which secures your files with a PIN number and AES encryption. To protect our images I pulled them off my camera onto the Toshiba R705 we have along and also made a copy on the Aiegis Padlock so that we have three copies.

Copying the files over to the Padlock was incredibly simple since it acts like any other hard drive, except to connect it to your computer you need to enter a PIN number that you choose. From there I simply copy and past the files to back them up.

In addition to the security, the Apricorn Aegis Padlock is handy to have since it is small, durable and comes with a built-in USB cord so that there is one less cable cluttering up my bag. As for speed, I haven’t run any hard drive tests on the device but I was able to back up almost 1.25GB of pictures to it directly from my SD card in about 3 minutes which is fast enough for use as a backup.

Normally I would add in a remote backup solution, but the Internet connection speeds, even on hotel WiFi here are too slow to make that a feasible solution.

The spacious 640GB model we have on the trip also has a backup of several projects I am working on including reviews, videos and pictures. We also included a few movies in case of rain, but we haven’t needed those yet. The Apricorn Aegis Padlock starts at $99 for a 250GB 128-bit encryption model.

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