Syncplicity Manages Files, Backups and More For Business; Solves Remote User Issues

Businesses often have different needs than consumers when it comes to technology. Whether these differences are in place to meet some sort of federal compliance or to deal with a much larger user base it often means that while off the shelf consumer technologies may be able to work put a band-aid on a problem or serve some users, businesses may need to look for a more dedicated solution designed to meet the policies and procedures that dictate how IT is run.

This is where products like Syncplicity come in. While there are numerous services like DropBox or SugarSync that handle syncing and items like Mozy and Carbonite for backup, and others that combine to provide backup, collaboration, cloud storage syncing, file versioning and more — Syncplicity does this all in one package and gives IT the ability to better enforce policies that need to be respected.

Syncplicity gave us a demo of the new release that adds Mac support, single sign on to Google apps, a cool news feed of file changes and more; sharing how this solution works and can be helpful to mobile users.

Like many backup solutions Syncplicity provides users with access to their files from any computer with a web browser, and the ability to pull data down to a new notebook. This ability is extremely helpful if you are on the go and your laptop is lost or damages. Simply get your hands on a working device and get back to work. This is made easier thanks to the mobile version which users can open up. Access to a news feed of recently changed documents means that you don’t need to go looking for a sales contract in your folders to see that the account manager has updated it and you are ready to share it with the client.

The news feed is basically a running list of the most recently updated files and thanks to the collaboration features user can share folders inside the company, or if granted permission with users outside the, to enable shared editing of documents and collaboration.

One other really cool feature of Syncplicity is that it keeps your local documents in sync with the docs on your Google Apps account. This means that your Google Docs are on your notebook, on Google Apps and in the cloud; and all the same version.

Another great part about Syncplicity is that it keeps all files and folders in sync. Rather than requiring users to keep a specific folder, Syncplicity covers the entire drive. The service also allows for administrator control for managing files, setting policies and acting as a user to help a remote worker restore a file or change versions (actions users can also perform themselves) without the need for a remote desktop.

Here is a list of the new features in Syncplicity Business Edition:

Syncs, shares and manages files seamlessly across PCs, Macs, file servers and cloud services like Google Docs, Zoho and others

  • Works with any file type and all existing folders rather than the restrictive pre-defined file types or file locations some other solutions mandate
  • Shares any file with a single click, through simple sharable links
  • Allows users to share and collaborate with others on any folder through shared folders, without the need to move a file or folder to a new location or hassle with checking a file in or out
  • Offers intuitive, native OS X integration. Status and actions are displayed directly through the native Finder windows and interface so there is no new interface for users to learn
  • Access to files from mobile devices through an optimized lightweight website experience
  • Provides direct Growl desktop notifications for a live display of file changes as they happen
  • Includes unlimited and differentiated versioning with guaranteed conflict detection and no data loss in case of conflicts
  • Includes a unique IT management layer for centralized policy control and user configuration, user support, reporting and administration
  • Supports single sign-on for Google Apps users
  • Supports multiple and unlimited folders, storage, users, groups, companies, and file types

Syncplicity is available with a 30 day free trial and serves anywhere from 3 users up to the enterprise.

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