How to Add Two Finger Scrolling to Windows Notebooks

mousepadOne of the little things I miss after using a friend’s Mac is the lack of two finger scrolling. This small touch makes extended web browsing and scrolling sessions more enjoyable and for the most part isn’t standard on Windows based notebooks and laptops. But, thanks to an in-depth guide from LifeHacker you can add Two Finger Scrolling to your Windows notebook for a Mac-like mousing experience.

There are two ways to add two finger scrolling to your Windows notebook; the easy way (just 2-finger scrolling) and the involved method (adds gestures and three fingers etc.).

For users who simply want to scroll with two fingers the process is a rather painless installation of TwoFingerScroll which also includes some additional tapping commands to add shortcuts to your trackpad.

The more involved version requires that you install a modified Synaptic driver to your computer which means you can’t update your trackpad drivers direct form the manufacturer, but you will gain three finger gestures, two finger gestures and more.

On the netbook trackpad I’m currently using I am choosing just to use the TwoFingerScroll method since the trackpad is already very small and I don’t know that I could even get three fingers onto the board without cramping up!

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