MacBook Air Supply Tightens, Refresh Iminent

The supply of MacBook Air notebooks has dwindled at many major retailers, a shortage at Amazon and Best Buy closing down online orders of the MacBook Air due to low stock. Product shortages, combined with the recent rumors of MacBook Air refresh alongside the launch of OS X Lion point to a very real possibility of a MacBook Air Summer 2011 refresh.

MacBook Air Sandy Bridge Refresh

MacBook Air: Ready for a Refresh

The new MacBook Air notebooks are expected to come as early as July 4th weekend with new Sandy Bridge ULV processors which will allow Apple to deliver more power without sacrificing battery life for a full voltage processor. The new MacBook Air models would also likely rely on the Intel 3000 HD integrated graphics like the current MacBook Pro 13″ notebook. We also expect to see the Thunderbolt port make an appearance on the new MacBook Air models.

If you are looking to pick up a MacBook Air for back to school, or any reason, we suggest you hold off until the launch of OS X Lion, so that you can get the latest hardware. We normally see these types of shortages when Apple prepares a new product launch, and had expected to see a new MacBook Air in June. The june launch was put on the backburner in order to ship the new MacBook Air models with OS X Lion when it launches in July.

OS X Lion is expected to arrive in July as a 4GB download from the Mac App store. Apple is offering the upgrade for $29.99, a steal compared to past upgrade pricing. Mac OS X Lion was announced at WWDC 2011 and includes many exciting new features for novice and advanced users. By delaying the launch of the new MacBook Air models until Lion is ready Apple will be able to deliver a better out of the box experience and have more users ready for iCloud services which tie into OS X Lion.

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