Apple iPhoto ’11 Issues: How to Fix Update Library on open Problem

Many users who have purchase the Apple iLife ’11 upgrade, which includes iPhoto ’11, are complaining on Apple Discussions pages about many issues. The worst of these is the complete loss of previous iPhoto libraries.

Apple’s iPhoto ’11 is part of the iLife ’11 software suite that was released at Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event. The new version of iPhoto brings about many updated features, such as new slide show themes, more Facebook integration, and improved photo book and card creation. However, these features may be overshadowed by the list of issues regarding the basic functionality of the application.

Among the top issues that users are experiencing are loss of iPhoto libraries, the need to update the library every time iPhoto is opened, and the inability to open previously created photo books. In addition to these issues, it appears as though support for older AppleTV’s and photo calendars was not included in iPhoto ’11.

One possible solution that is brought up frequently throughout the Discussion pages is to repair permissions in disk utility. To do that, go to Finder>Applications>Utilities>Disk Utility. Select the Macintosh HD from the list on the left and choose Repair Disk Permissions.

Check out 9to5Mac as well as Apple’s Discussion pages for other possible fixes. From personal experience, Apple’s Discussion pages can be very helpful. I have posted a few questions or issues that I was experiencing with my MacBook Pro, and they were answered/resolved within a day or two by a non-Apple employee, free of charge. This is a great option if you don’t care to deal with tech support.

Apple iLife ’11 is available for $49 for a single user, or $79 for a five user family pack. Just be sure to back up your iPhoto library prior to updating.

Via 9to5Mac

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