Apple Patents Method of Making Better, Longer Lasting, Batteries

Apple has filed a patent for a better battery, which as more of our gadgets are defined by how long they work, is tantamount to developing a better mouse trap. The magic comes from denser batteries, and unlike when your high school English teacher called you dense, this is a good thing.

Broken down to the simplest terms Apple is working on a new method fo making batteries denser which would provide the company with the ability to pack more power into a battery of the same size, adding a few more hours to the MacBook Air, or using a smaller battery to provide the same battery life, allowing for smaller gadgets that last all day.

This patent is just a patent for now, so don’t expect the new MacBooks to have denser, longer lasting, batteries in them in March, but it is good news to know that there is progress being made in the area of battery life which continues to be one of the biggest bottlenecks for mobile computing.

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