iPhone – First Impressions (video)

iPhone ReviewI picked up an 8GB iPhone Friday night from the Apple store in San Francisco. I’m very impressed with it so far, but hope Apple improves a few things over time. At $600, the iPhone costs more than many budget notebooks. Users should be 100% sure that the iPhone is for them before making such an investment.

The user interface and graphics are beautiful and intuitive. Most computer-savvy users will be able to get start using an iPhone without reading the manual.

The iPhone’s 4GB or 8GB of storage capacity is tiny compared to 30GB or larger Video iPods. If you have a large video and music library this will be frustrating since you’ll have to pick and chose what to load onto your iPhone. Videos are much sharper and fun to watch on the iPhone than any previous iPod.

The camera works well, but I really wish it recorded videos. Apple really needs to address this since even free mobile phones can record video.

The virtual touchscreen keyboard will take some getting used to, especially for users that are used to physical keyboards found on most other devices.

We’ll take a closer look at the iPhone over the coming days and write a full review.

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