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HP WebOS Announcement Coming February 9

Engadget is reporting receiving an initiation to a WebOS announcement even on February 9, in San Francisco. The invitation doesn’t say much about it, but says, ...

iPhone 4 Review Part One: The Phone

The iPhone 4 is one of Apple's most successful devices. The first day preorders crashed AT&T's system and it is still not easy to find at an Apple or AT&...

A brief history of Windows Mobile

Today is a big step for the world of Microsoft Windows Mobile.  Today, Microsoft will announce what Microsoft Pink is really all about.  From what we know, its ...

Review: Blackberry 8520 with Optical Trackpad

BlackBerryCurve8520_FrontsmThere comes a time in every gadgets life when its ball drops and a more mature model comes to market. Never has this been truer than with the Blackberry Curve 8520 which is now available on T-Mobile. The new Curve looks similar to the other phones in the Curve lineup and shares many of the same features but its optical trackpad is what makes it stand out and say, "Look at me." By ditching the traditional rollerball for a smooth trackpad and throwing in a 2G radio RIM was able to create a very functional phone at an attractive price point; $50 at Walmart with a 2 year agreement.

Sony Ericsson W518a: Meet AT&T’s New Facebook Phone

brittany_w518a_front_openFacebook, Facebook, Facebook! Things are really heating up for the social network especially on the news that it acquired Friendfeed which could provide it a leg up on its competitor Twitter. Why am I starting out a phone review with a news update for Facebook? Well because the Sony Ericsson W518a, which runs on AT&T’s network, is all but called a Facebook phone.
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Motorola ROKR E8 Demo

ROCK E8Here's a quick demo of Motorola's ROKR E8, which was announced at CES 2008. The ROKR E8 uses 'morphing' technology to switch its user interface between phone, music and camera modes. The slick glass plate display features haptic touch, which means it vibrates to simulate the experience of touching a physical keypad.
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Tiny 3M Projector to Bring 40-inch Display to Mobile Devices

3M Mobile Projector3M is working on bringing miniature projectors to mobile devices. I love small devices, but watching movies and other multimedia content on small screens isn't very satisfying. 3M claims their compact LED projector can produce 40-inch images.
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3G iPhone Coming in 2008

iPhone.jpgAT&T's CEO Randall Stephenson said a 3G Version of the Apple iPhone will be available next year during a Chruchill Club dinner in Silicon Valley. He said Apple will "dictate what the price of the phone is."
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Verizon 911 Alarm- Loud and Dangerous

VerizonSome Verizon customers are complaining about an audible alarm that sounds when they dial 911. I guess someone thought this would be a useful feature useful feature, but do you really want a siren sounding when you're hiding from a burglar in your closet?
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BlackJack II Coming on Black Friday

Samsung BlackJack IIThe second coming of the BlackJack will be available from AT&T starting on Black Friday. The BlackJack II is a huge improvement over the original BlackJack according to Samsung. The BlackJack II will cost $149.99 after rebates with a two-year contract.
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T-Mobile to Sell Unlocked iPhones for 999 Euros ($1,477)

iPhone Rebate $100T-Mobile will start selling unlocked iPhones for nearly $1,500 in Germany after a court spat with rival Vodaphone. T-Moblile is the exclusive iPhone reseller in Germany, and sells it for 399 euros with a two-year contract.
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Black Friday T-mobile: Sign Up and Fly Free

T-Mobile Black Friday, Fly Free, myFavesT-Mobile's offering free roundtrip flights to new 'myFaves' customers from November 23 to 25. Existing customers can switch to or renew their myFaves contracts can 'Fly Free' to 10 U.S. destinations. This is a great Black Friday deal, but customers will have to jump through a few hoops to actually get their tickets.