LG Prototype MPH Devices- OTA Digital TV on Handhelds

LG MPH TV AnywhereJamie talked to Brent from LG about the company’s Mobile Portable Handheld (MPH) standard at CES 2008. TV broadcasts on everything from notebooks to GPS units by the middle of 2009.

Check out the details in the press release:

LG Electronics, co-developer of the MPH in-band mobile digital television (DTV) system, today previewed a series of products that will support local TV stations’ plans to launch DTV broadcasts for mobile devices in 2009.

At the 2008 International CES here this week, LG Electronics is demonstrating products that incorporate new circuitry for receiving the robust ATSC-compatible MPH (Mobile-Pedestrian-Handheld) signals. Developed by LG Electronics, its U.S. R&D subsidiary Zenith and Harris Corporation (NYSE:HRS), MPH is capable of providing robust over-the-air DTV signals to mobile, pedestrian and handheld devices.

The prototype MPH products showcased at CES (in private demonstrations and in the LG Electronics booth #8214, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center) include mobile phones, personal DTVs, laptop PCs and in-car infotainment systems:

MOBILE PHONES. LG Electronics has incorporated MPH technology into two mobile phone platforms, a CDMA handset with a unique twist screen and a GSM touchscreen handset. Both employ a simple whip antenna for VHF/UHF DTV reception. The MPH capability in these mobile phones complements other mobile video services such as MediaFlo.

PERSONAL DTVs. Built around LG’s popular portable navigation device with a 4-inch widescreen display, LG’s MPH handheld personal DTVs are optimized for pedestrian and mobile applications, whether you’re watching a sports broadcast while at the stadium, checking the local weather report on the commuter train, or watching the local news in the car.

LAPTOP PCs. LG’s innovative MPH “dongle,” which connects through the USB port, turns any laptop PC into a portable DTV. The big bright screen is ideal for enjoying broadcast sports and movies, while the computing power of the PC enables exciting data broadcasting applications via MPH transmission. As the technology is commercialized in 2009, LG Electronics envisions built-in laptop PC applications as well.

IN-CAR DTVs. In addition to developing its own MPH products, LG Electronics has been collaborating with other manufacturers. For example, Kenwood USA Corporation has developed prototype in-car displays built around LG’s MPH chipset. The 7-inch screens are ideal for back-seat viewing of children’s programming, local news or network DTV broadcast shows.

“CES 2008 is the launchpad for the world’s first MPH product concepts, which will be used in consumer trials later this year. Based on our aggressive development timetable and commitment to work with interested industry players, we expect to see a number of MPH receivers in a range of form factors from a variety of manufacturers next year,” said LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. Woo Paik.

MPH products will enable users to view their favorite programs from local broadcasters, watch movies and sports, and access local news and weather information, even when traveling in fast-moving vehicles or using handheld video devices away from home. For broadcasters, this new technology has the potential to create lucrative new revenue streams from advertiser-supported free broadcast mobile DTV, premium pay services or both.

The MPH in-band mobile DTV system was developed by LG Electronics, Zenith and Harris as a robust, ATSC-compatible mobile solution for local broadcasters to maximize the use of their 6-MHz, 19.39 megabit-per-second digital pathway in delivering a wide range of compelling and profitable consumer services. This meant maintaining the centerpiece application, digital high-definition television (HDTV), to the tens of millions of fixed receivers in consumer homes, while simultaneously reaching viewers on the go with robust low-bit-rate digital TV signals and data services.

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