Tiny 3M Projector to Bring 40-inch Display to Mobile Devices

3M Mobile Projector3M is working on bringing miniature projectors to mobile devices. I love small devices, but watching movies and other multimedia content on small screens isn’t very satisfying. 3M claims their compact LED projector can produce 40-inch images.

There’s no word on when you’ll actually be able to buy a phone or notebook with one of these projectors integrated, but I’ll be first in line.
3M Mobile Projector
Here’s the press release:

3M is now providing consumer electronics manufacturers with a revolutionary advancement in the emerging field of miniature projection technology. 3M scientists developed a breakthrough ultra-compact, LED-illuminated projection engine designed for integration into virtually any personal electronic device. Roughly the size of a wireless earpiece and less than half an inch thick, the 3M mobile projection engine delivers brilliant VGA resolution images and is available today.

With the expansion of digital media now accessible by mobile devices, consumers need the convenience of larger displays. âہ“3M mobile projection engines achieve the size, efficiency, image quality and affordability needed for consumer adoption of this promising new product category,â€Â said Mike Kelly, executive vice president, 3M Display and Graphics Business. âہ“This development continues 3Mâ€â„¢s long history as a global leader in advanced projection display technology. What is really exciting is that this technology is available now.â€Â

When deployed in a host platform, such as a mobile phone, 3Mâ€â„¢s technology can project a 40-inch or larger image with no-speckle and a high-fill factor that ensures superior image quality. Each engine uses an advanced liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) electronic imager in conjunction with proprietary 3M optics technology.

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