iPhone 4 Faster than 3GS, but slower than iPad

Macrumors wasted no time in benchmarking the new iPhone 4 against the iPhone 3GS and the iPad and found that, in early testing, the iPhone 4 is faster than the 3GS, but slower than the iPad. The early results show that the iPhone 4 is 31% faster than the iPhone 3GS.

The benchmarking is something that many users have been looking for to find out how fast the processor in the new iPhone 4 is. We all know that the processor is an Apple A4 like that in the iPad, but initial benchmarking may point to a lower speed A4 processor than the 1GHz version in the iPad.

Macrumors does point out that the tests did show some strange results so the exact numbers may change over time. For many users the speed of a device will come down to how quickly they feel it responds to their commands and that opinion, not a benchmark, will determine the speed of devices in the public’s eye.