iPad Not Getting iOS 4 Till November, I Want it Now!

Everyone is talking about what new goodies are coming from Apple with yesterday’s announcements,  but there was one glaring thing left out – an immediate or available next week update to the iPad.

I didn’t really expect it, but did hope for it. As an iPad user I enjoy having the larger screen for reading, surfing the web and doing email. I love the games and the video apps. And as a minister I love being able to research in prep for doing my job, preaching. But what I don’t love is having so many screens of apps to shuffle through, not being able to have certain apps running in the background, and not having the fast switching between apps. Some of my favorite apps require me to tap the screen three or four times just to get back to where I was when I closed it to open Pages to write something or Safari to check a web page really quickly. The result is I just don’t bother.

Apple promises some nice new stuff coming in iOS 4.2. The most important is something that should never have been left out – printing from the iPad. There will also be Airplay Streaming of video files. Great! Can’t wait! But why can’t Apple just give us what is in iOS 4 now. I want my folders and background running apps with fast switching. If that was all we got, I’d be fine with it.

It’s good to hear that Apple is planning to catch up the iPad and the iPhone with iOS 4.2, but the wait is actually making the iPad feel clunky, and that’s not a good thing with a device that is less than 6 months old. It’s troubling that Apple wouldn’t just give iPad users the current OS and then update to the newer one come November when the new features are ready. I have heard some speculate that Apple is waiting because they have a new smaller iPad – an iPad Nano-like device – and they hope people will just get one. But those people would do so anyway, even if they had an iPad with iOS 4.0x for three months.

Now that there is a month cited, I cannot expect them to go back on the word and deliver it early. So we will just have to wait. Hopefully once the iPad is caught up to the iPhone and iPod Touch in terms of the software features it will stay that way.

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