Analyze That HP

A BusinessWeek writer said HP execs reacted nervously when three analysts brought their MacBook Pros to an HP conference this week.
Now if you’ve never been to a meeting full of Wall Street financial analysts, let me tell you this: Seeing a Mac in the room is a rare thing. It’s a PC fest, full of Windows-running Dells and Thinkpads and so on. But as you probably know, MacBook Pros stand out, prominently showing their lit Apple logo right on the lid for all to see.
MacBook-carrying analysts were very busy and very productive, sending IM’s checking quotes, staying up to speed on the moves of the market, with not a single Windows application needed.

An HP exec even sad he hoped to convince them of the âہerrors of your ways.â€ÂÃƒâ€šÃ‚ Seeing that the analysts probably âہËÅanalyzedâ€â„¢ their notebook purchases, maybe HP should let them be.

via Business Week

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