How to Claim Your MacBook Power Adapter Settlement Cash

Back in the day, Apple made MacBook and MacBook Pro power adapters with a T-shape. Unfortunately, these T-shaped Mac power adapters had a habit of fraying and breaking.

Specifically, there were problems with “Strain Relief Damage” which includes,” fraying, melting, straining, sparking, weakening, discoloration, bubbling, overheating and/or separation of the Adapter’s strain reliefs”

Many users were forced to purchase new power adapters, at $79 a pop. It turns out, the problem was widespread enough that Apple has settled a class action lawsuit regarding the fraying adapters for affected owners who bought one or more power adapters in the first three years they owned the computer.

Apple Magsafe adapter settlement

T style Magsafe adapter

If you had a MacBook or MacBook Pro that was affected by this issue, and you purchased an Apple 60W or 85W MagSafe MPM-1 (“T”) Power Adapter, you are entitled to a cash payment. You can claim your cash payment at the Adapter Settlement webpage.

You can claim for up to 3 refunds per computer, and the settlement amount varies depending on which year you purchased the adapter.

  • Year 1 – Actual amount including shipping and tax up to $79
  • Year 2 – $50
  • Year 3 – $35

In addition to the settlements, you can get a new power adapter at no charge from Apple if your current adapter is showing, or begins to show, “signs of Strain Relief Damage.”

You must file a claim before March 21, 2012 if you want a cash payment for power adapters you have already purchased. You have until May 2012, or 3 years after the purchase of your computer, to file a claim for a replacement power adapter.

To take part in the settlement, head over to or call 1-888-332-0277 before the dates listed above. To get your replacement adapter, go to a local Apple Retail store or Apple Authorized service provider.

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