MacApp Store Doubles Evernote Users on Mac

With the launch of the MacApp store, the number of users of the Mac version of Evernote more than doubled. According to Evernote’s numbers they garnerd more than 40,000 new users for their service as a result of being listed in the store.


As you can see above, on the date of the Mac App Store launch, the number of users spiked. What is interesting about this, as Sumocat said on Gottabemobile, this application is availably freely on the web. All one needs to do is go to the Evernote download page, get the download and load it up on a computer. But being in the app store clearly made a big difference for Evernote and with over a million downloads of various apps on the first day alone, we can assume it will also make a difference for others as well. With the app store coming as part of all new Macs sold and being downloaded by all previous owners who want to update to the latest version of OS X, the app store will be staring all Mac users in the face from the icon on the Dock after they log into their machines. It will take some time to be sure, but early returns show the store to be a success.


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