Ergotron WorkFit S Review: Standing Desk With Hinged Dual LCD Mount (Video)

When it comes to working in an office, the one thing many people don’t take into account is their health and the ergonomics of their workspace. This may be due to a lack of knowledge or due to a lack of funds, but we want to show you an ergonomic setup that won’t break the bank, and will help you be healthier. Enter the $400 Ergotron WorkFit S standing desk that can also slide down to a seated position.

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Ergotron WorkFit S Review Video

Ergotron WorkFit S Details

Ergotron WorkFit S Review

The Ergotron Workfit S is a sit stand desk that retails for $399, and includes the ability to mount a single LCD, Dual LCDs or an LCD and a notebook. You can see our previous WorkFit S first impressions with the notebook and LCD combo.

Ergotron WorkFit S Accessories

Since the launch, Ergotron has put together some really amazing accessories which make the Workfit S feel like a much more polished product.

Tablet Holder

The first is an incredibly affordable document or tablet holder. This $29 accessory screws on to the front of the unit and give you a place to keep papers or a consumer tablet like the iPad 2.

Hinged Bow

Ergotron WorkFit S Review Hinged Bow Review

The second accessory is the Hinged Bow mount. This $45 add on allows you to mount larger monitors (up to 24″ compared to the 22″ limitation of the standard Dual LCD mount) and adds a hinge on either side that makes it easy to share your screen. This add on is perhaps our favorite feature as it allows us to see a screen from anywhere in the office and is perfect for looking at notes while shooting a video. (Ed. note in the video we mistakenly quoted the price at $90. It is $45.)

Why should you Stand?

I’m glad you asked. We covered several reasons you should stand in our Standing Desk Guide, which also shows you how to create your own DIY standing desk, but to reiterate it’s all about your health.

Sitting all day isn’t just boring, it is a pain. The back pain is only a small part of the issues. There are numerous studies that point to sedentary behavior causing all types of health problems. In short, Ergotron is on to something when they invite you to Just Stand!


The Ergotron WorkFit S is essentially the same unit we had from the first impressions, but the dual monitors are a much nicer setup and in our opinion at a better level than the notebook and LCD combo. There are still cord management hurdles, but there are zip ties included to help with that.

If your workplace won’t buy one for you, we suggest looking into getting one on your own. Because this bolts to any desk, you can add it yourself and take it with you if you leave.

For the money, the Ergoton WorkFit S is the best standing desk on the market. We use ours everyday, and couldn’t imagine going back to a sitting desk.

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