Samsung Notebooks

Samsung Sets Sights on Apple in 2011

The Samsung 9 Series ultraportable wasn't the only shot Samsung fired in Apple's direction this year. According to reports Samsung is planning to ship more lapt...

Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Video Demo

Samsung released a video demonstrating the key features of their forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab, a 7-inch Android tablet. The most impressive things in the...

Liliputing Reviews The Samsung N310 Go Netbook

The rubberized Samsung Go Netbook first caught my attention when it was released in Europe and the unique form factor still has my attention now that it has hit the American shores. While other netbooks and small notebooks attempt to be the next cheap Macbook Air; the Samsung Go is decidedly different and that plays into its favor. Brad Linder at Liliputing recently had the opportunity to review the Samsung Go and has provided a full report on the pros and cons of Samsung's design choices.

Samsung NC20 Coming to America w/VIA Nano Processor

samsungnc20d_09Samsung's releasing the 12.1-inch NC20 in the U.S. on March 16 through an exclusive partnership with The NC20 is the NC10's bigger brother and is the latest entry into the 'is it a netbook or notebook?' category.