Samsung Sets Sights on Apple in 2011

The Samsung 9 Series ultraportable wasn’t the only shot Samsung fired in Apple’s direction this year. According to reports Samsung is planning to ship more laptops than Apple in 2011, planning on an increase of 60% to beat out the cadre of MacBooks. Electronista reports that Samsung came close in 2010 when it was within 150,000 units of Apple, but fell short as the year closed out.

This year, like HP, Samsung is planning to increase shipments dramatically from 10 million to 16-17 million by year’s end. This task looks to be achievable for Samsung since the company has a role in manufacturing many of the parts of its notebooks.

To help reach this goal Samsung will count on the Samsung 9 Series which we awarded a Best of CES 2011 award and the Samsung Slider 7, a sliding form factor Windows 7 tablet with a built in keyboard.

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