FastMac Impact Shield Case for iPhone 4

FastMac is showing off its new Impact Shield Case for iPhone 4 at MacWorld 2011. The case looks like just about any other silicone iPhone case, but it has a hidden layer of Impact Gel, allowing it to absorb an incredible amount of force without damaging the fragile iPhone 4.

We’ve seen a number of highly protective cases from manufacturers like OtterBox and Speck for the iPhone 4, but rugged cases are usually much, much bulkier than standard cases. While the FastMac Impact Shield Case doesn’t have all of the features found on more expensive cases, such as dust and touchscreen protection, it does meet U.S. military specifications for drops. FastMac claims that this case is the thinnest and lightest mobile phone case to meet mil spec standards.

At MacWorld 2011, FastMac reps dropped an iPhone 4 wrapped in an Impact Shield case from about six feet onto carpet over concrete several times. There was no visible damage.

The Impact Shield Case is something you should consider buying if you want something sleek, but don’t want your pocket to bulge. The FastMac Impact Shield case is only $19.99 and will be available at soon.  The Impact Shield Case will be available in six colors, including black, white, orange, pink green and blue.

So how can such a thin case offer so much protection? Here’s a quick look at the Impact Gel that lines the interior of the Impact Shield Case. As you can see in the video, Impact Gel can protect poor M&M’s against a hammer.

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