Apple Leads Customer Satisfaction; HP, Dell and Acer in 3-way tie for Second

According to a new report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Apple continues to lead the pack in customer satisfaction; though the rest of the computer industry is continues to improve in the minds of consumers.

The report shows an overall 4% rise in customer satisfaction to an industry high of 78 on a 100 point ASCI scale and while Apple continues to dominate the satisfaction with Windows-based computers is improving. Currently HP, Dell and Acer are tied for second place with an approval rating of 77.

This marks a rise in customer satisfaction, but still shows a 9 point lag behind Apple’s 86 point score. The remaining smaller companies are lumped together and are also rated at 77 out of 100, a gain over the past year.

The report mirrors other studies of customer support and satisfaction and illustrates a positive trend for the industry. It’s no coincidence that the satisfaction ratings for Windows computers rose over the past year. Claes Fornell, the founder of ACSI points to Windows 7, “Barely a year into the release of Windows7, satisfaction with these brands has returned to, and in some cases even surpassed, thelevels prior to the launch of Vista.”

Unfortunately it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, ASCI found that customers who had to contact customer support were 8% less satisfied than those who didn’t need to talk to the support department.

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