Samsung’s Transparent Display Notebook May Ship in 2010

AT CES Samsung showed off some cool transparent, as in see through, technology including a 14″ transparent display notebook and a transparent display MP3 Player. The mp3 player seemed like an easy reality but a 14″ transparent screen seemed a little more like science fiction than real life; but, according to Brad Linder at Liliputing, the Samsung transparent display notebook might ship this year.

OLEDtransparentImage via Engadget

I have to agree with Brad that the transparent display is cool, but would work better in other applications, he mentions GPS displayed on a windshield or movies shown on windows as one use but I have a better idea.

Like the Samsung transparent Mp3 player allows you to control the device without blocking your view of the small screen a transparent touchscreen would be a cool, and useful, addition to a slate device like the iPad. If the backside had touch technology you could access on screen controls without the need to block your view of the screen and thus your game.

Here’s a hands on of the Samsung OLED transparent notebook from Brad Linder at CES 2010:

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