Sunny Look at the Future of Low Power Sunlight Readable Screens

Today if you want to read a screen in the sun you better be able to crank the brightness way up and hope you have an anti-glare coating. This comes with two tradeoffs; first you’re battery life suffers and second you have to have the foresight to buy an anti-glare screen when you purchase your computer.

Thankfully companies are trying to solve this problem by inventing new display technologies that use less power and is readable in the sun without an anti-glare coating. Nicole Scott from NetbookNews was able to catch the “SunLight Viewable Low Power Screen Technology” from CPT on camera at a trade show in Taiwan and wow is that display sharp for being under the direct glow of a Sun-like LED lamp.

No real word on the power consumption, other than a comment that the new display uses about half the power of a typical display, since CPT hasn’t gotten back to NetbookNews, but if this low power sun-readable display can make it into a notebook or netbook near me you can color me excited.