How to Get Rid of Yellow Spots on the iPhone 4 Screen

If you were one of the unfortunate iPhone 4 owners who found some yellow spots on the lower portion of your iPhone 4 screen, fear not a fix appears to have been found. According to reports on AppleInsider, all you need to do to get rid of the yellow spots on the iPhone 4 is to use it. That’s right, it appears that the yellow spots may be linked to the bonding agent that holds the layers of glass together and the devices are shipping out the door so fast that the bonding agent hasn’t had time to dry.

According to user austingaijin on the Apple Insider forums,

“Apple is using a bonding agent called Organofunctional Silane Z-6011 to bond the layers of glass. Apparently, Apple (or more likely Foxconn) is shipping these products so quickly that the evaporation process is not complete. However, after one or two days of use, especially with the screen on, will complete the evaporation process and the yellow “blotches” will disappear.

How do I know? I was involved in pitching Z-6011 to Apple.”

Engadget reports that users are emailing in saying that the yellow spots are disappearing after a day or two of use, and at an even faster rate if the screen is left on. If you have yellow spots on your iPhone 4 you may as well try this solution since it may take Apple a bit longer than usual to find a replacement for you.

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