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Asus U33Jc-A1 Bamboo Review Roundup

Staying true to their new bamboo persona, Asus recently released the U33Jc-A1. This bamboo-clad notebook features a classy look with the strong performance to b...

ASUS Introduces New UL Series Notebooks

ASUS further expanded their notebook families recently by introducing new UL series notebooks. These new notebooks share many similarities, including a brushed ...

ASUS Access is online

With Intel doing the App Up program and Apple with the App Store, the idea of a vendor specific one stop application store for notebooks is becoming all the rag...

ASUS Lamborghini VX5 Introduced at CeBit

asus-lamborghini-vx5-1ASUS introduced the LAMBORGHINI VX5 notebook today at CeBit 2009. The VX5 is has some jaw-draopping specs, including a 1TB Solid State Drive. The VX5 looks like a beuatiful notebook inside and out, thanks to a 1TB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GT130M GPU and Intel Core 2 Quad processor.
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Asus Eee PC: At Least 3.8 Million Sold in 2008?

Asus CEO Jonney ShihCheap notebooks are wildly popular, all you have to do is look at the stir Black Friday notebooks and the OLPO XO Laptop. The ASUS Eee PC is just making its way off the assembly line and Asustek's CEO is already predicting that his company will out-pace its goal of selling 3.8 million of the $400-ish laptops by the end of next year.
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ASUS Ecobook Goes Green with Bamboo Case

ASUS EcobookThe ASUS Ecobook may become the most environmentally notebook, if it ever reaches the market. Its case is laminated with bamboo strips and ASUS claims 50% of its parts are recyclable.
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ASUS Eee PC 2G Surf Gets Pastel Color Treatment

ASUS Eee PC ColorsThe $299 ASUS 2G Eee PC is getting a touch of Easter colors when it launches in January. The tiny entry-level notebook will be available in Pure White, Lush Green, Sky Blue, Blush Pink, or Galaxy Black.