ASUS Access is online

With Intel doing the App Up program and Apple with the App Store, the idea of a vendor specific one stop application store for notebooks is becoming all the rage.  The next vendor to take a stab at this, our friends at ASUS with their ASUS Access.

What is ASUS Access?  According to the email I received as someone who purchased an ASUS (I have a EeePC), “ASUS Access is a value-added online center that provides a myriad of software applications for trial and purchase.  Gain access to multiple software services at one portal with out having to sign-up for multiple accounts.  Use ASUS Access as your information and entertainment center, sharing files with your friends and family.  It also acts as your WiFi service provider, allowing you to connect to the world wherever you are.”

So, its sort of like Intel App Up and the Apple App Store, combined with Mobile Me, and a WiFi service (in ASUS’ case, they partnered with Boingo).  The benefits include the online store, a monthly news letter, one free game download and monthly screensaver, trial software using what they call the AP Bank, 1GB of free online storage with the option for unlimited for $29.99, and a discount on Boingo WiFi service.

It has potential, but its all about what the consumer needs really are when it comes to applications.

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