ASUS C90: Fully Upgradeable Notebook

Notebooks are notoriously difficult to upgrade, but ASUS is aiming to change things with a new line of notebooks .ASUS showed off a prototype of a desktop replacement notebook that is designed to be fully user upgradable. Users can swap out processors (Intel Desktop Core 2 Duos to save $$$), graphics cards, memor, hard drive and even the LCD. It will be interesting to see if there will be enough demand to put something like this into production.

Gordon from Macimum PC checked out the C90 earlier this week:

We got to take apart a pre-production C90S and it is as easy as Asus claims it is. Remove four screws, slide off the bottom and you have easy access to the GPU, CPU, hard drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi card and digital TV tuner. You can literally remove and replace the CPU and GPU in less than five minutes if youâ€â„¢re in a hurry.

full story at Maximum PC

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