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How to Find an iPad at a Local Store

The iPad has been out for just over a week and has already been the topic of much discussion. Even as users question how the iPad will fit into their daily life...

On the Eve of iPhone 4.0

I've been heavily using my iPad and trying to share as much of it as I can with readers. But April 8th marks a big day in Apple mobile device hist...

iPad Cases from WaterField Designs

I reported earlier that I was not a big fan of the official Apple iPad case. That has me looking for something else. WaterField Designs has some potential alter...

iPad Beatitudes

So Warner Crocker threw down the gauntlet with his creative and hilarious rendition of Twas the Night Before iPad at Gottabemobile. I just had to try my hand fo...

iPad Officially Shipping

I received notice that my iPad is shipping and will arrive sometime Saturday. Sadly, as we reported earlier, it is already too late to get one ordered and shipp...

iPad Guided Tours Available at

Apple's released a dozen guided tours to show off several applications that come with the iPad, as well as the three iWork applications. The iPad guided tours a...

Unibody Macbook Review Roundup

The new $999 Unibody Macbook from Apple, which launched October 20th, has been out long enough for reviewers to pass judgment on the new curved white exterior and beefed up internals. Overall, the new design, additional power and glass trackpad have impressed reviewers; though many note that it is prone to scratches and close enough in price that the Macbook Pro may be worth the upgrade.

OSX 10.6 “Snow Leopard” Ships on August 28th

Normally when the Apple store goes offline its return is met with cheers of Joy for new Apple products but the brief outage this morning didn't bring the chorus of cheers that the actual release of Snow Leopard would. Thankfully Apple did announce the new features of OSX 10.6 that Snow Leopard will ship on August 28th.
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Next iPod Touch Will Have Camera? (video)

There's a lot of rumors flying around about what Apple will release next. The company is holding apparently holding a press conference in September to announce a new product. The iPod Touch is one Apple product that's ready to be refreshed and today someone claiming to have a prototype of the next-generation iPod Touch posted several pictures and a video of the device.