Next iPod Touch Will Have Camera? (video)

There’s a lot of rumors flying around about what Apple will release next. The company is holding apparently holding a press conference in September to announce a new product. The iPod Touch is one Apple product that’s ready to be refreshed and today someone claiming to have a prototype of the next-generation iPod Touch posted several pictures and a video of the device.

The video and photos focus on the back of the iPod Touch. It appears to have similar a similar shape and dimensions compared to the current iPod Touch. The most noticeable difference is the presence of a camera in the middle of the top edge.

When photos of this device were posted many online tech community members thought they had been digitally altered to add the camera lens. However, this video disproves that theory.

Photos of the devices innards are also on display at Covino & Rich, the blog of a radio talk show.

What’s not clear is whether or not this prototype will turn into a real product that you’ll see on store shelves or not.

I think it only makes sense for Apple to add a camera to the iPod Touch.
A camera would make the iPod Touch more functional and allow users to buy more applications, many of which require a camera.

via MacRumors

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