What Stores Sell the iPad – Holiday 2010

If you are looking for an iPad this holiday season and don’t want to order online, there are numerous stores that now carry the Apple iPad locally to satisfy last minute gift ideas and the need for instant gratification.

It is worth noting that while you will get your iPad quicker, you won’t save money since the entry level iPad will still cost $499. You may see some bundling on Black Friday with retailers throwing in an iTunes gift card with the purchase of the iPad, but that’s about it.

Stores selling the iPad for Holidays 2010:

  • Apple Store: As always the Apple Store sells the iPad in all sizes, including the 3G+WiFi models
  • Best Buy: All models at all stores
  • Target: All Models at all stores
  • Walmart: All models at “hundreds” of stores on October 15th, at 2,300 stores by the middle of November

If you need help finding an iPad in stock at a local retailer, we suggest using Milo.com which can check the real time stock of many major stores including Best Buy and Target.

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