Playing iPad Games on Your TV

The video games on the iPad range from the totally ridiculous to the absolutely

awesome. Regardless of your tastes, one thing that would be cool is to play the games on your large television display. Right now, that is not entirely possible out of the box. However, one developer is working on it and has shown promise with a solution that might actually be approved by the Apple App store gate keepers.

Dave is a developer for Majic Jungle Software. He is working on the sequel to his game Chopper for iPhone, Touch and iPad called Chopper 2. He wanted to hook his iPad up to a TV just like one would a Wii or PlayStation, according to a post at TUAW. He got to work and the result is the video below:

What makes this hopeful is that he used all public APIs to make things work. Now that the 3.2 SDK is out, Apple has made it possible to view video on an external display with their VGA to dock adapter or either component or composite adapters. So ,this is not violating any of the Apple rules.

The final piece of the puzzle is the iPhone or iPod Touch. Using Bluetooth, Dave paired the two devices and in the video is controlling the action with his iPhone.

Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPad back in January had a heavy emphasis on games. We knew the iPad would be a good gaming platform, but this is taking it to a whole new level. And, it is a level we may actually get to enjoy ourselves in the not too distant future.

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