JOBY GorillaMobile Ori iPad Case Strikes Many Poses(Video)

One of the most unique iPad cases we’ve seen so far at CES 2011 has been the JOBY GorillaMobile Ori iPad case which uses a pretty complex looking combination of snaps and catches to create a wide array of positions for your iPad. While the iPad case may look a bit intimidating it’s actually pretty simple to use and it folds closed like a portfolio when you are ready to go somewhere, protecting the iPad’s screen.

You can see the GorillaMobile Ori poses in the video below which highlights different uses from watching a movie, typing, preparing a meal in the kitchen or reading a book — all with one iPad case.

The GorillaMobile Ori felt pretty light for what it can do, but the pricetag isn’t light at $80. Still if you are in the need of an iPad case that can pull quadruple duty this may be the right fit for you.