iPad Shopping Tip – Best Buy Saving Stock for Sunday April 18th (Rumor)

As part of my hunt for an iPad in Ohio today I spoke to several Best Buy locations, and while most of them replied with a simple, “Out of Stock”; one location let slip that Sunday would be the day to look for an iPad at Best Buy.

The location, in Columbus Ohio, told me that if the iPad was on the Sunday newspaper ad to come into the store, which since the ads are printed way ahead of time, means that the Best Buy locations with Apple sections likely have iPads in Stock and are holding them for Sunday April 18th.

This isn’t out of the ordinary for high demand items and the practice of holding stock for a Sunday ads commonplace at Best Buy near launch date. Most recently when the Wii was in short supply, several stores held onto a certain amount of stock to meet the advertised minimums. You can call your local Best Buy and check, but you’re likely better off just waiting until the Sunday ad arrives and if it shows an iPad — rushing down to your local Best Buy.

Of course you could always order online or reserve one for pickup at a local store, but where’s the sport in that.

Have any inside info on where to find an iPad, especially in Ohio? Let us know in the comments.

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