Apple Offers MacBook Pro 15″ Antiglare Display for $50 Extra

mbp_15.jpgApple’s now offering antiglare displays on the 15-inch MacBook Pro as a $50 option. When Apple introduced its line of unibody MacBooks and MacBook Pros back in October 2008 anti-glare displays were missing in action. An antiglare (matte finish) display was available on the unibody 17-inch MacBook Pro when it was introduced at the MacWorld 2009 conference.

The glossy displays look great on shelves and some customers like them, but many of Apple’s customers have been complaining loudly. Graphic artists, photographers and other creative professionals require matte displays for their work.

Some people have had to rearrange their office furniture to cut down on reflections from bright light and sunlight, while others have simply avoided upgrading to the new MacBook Pros.

I reluctantly received a unibody MacBook Pro late last year as a replacement for a defective MacBook Pro that had a matte display. I use it a lot less than my previous MacBook Pro because I personally can’t stand seeing reflections in the screen.


After 10 months, Apple’s finally listened to customer demand, but things aren’t all rosy. MacBook Pros with a choice of matte or glossy displays used to cost the same and were widely available.I think a lot of Apple customers will feel they’re being forced to pay $50 for something that used to be free.

Apple seems to be promoting the glossy display over the matte option. On the MacBook Pro’s configuration page the company lists benefits of the glossy display, but doesn’t mention why you might prefer the matte display:

Choose the glossy widescreen display to make your graphics, photos, and videos appear with richer colors and deeper blacks — great for watching DVD movies. If you prefer a display with antiglare coating for a matte rather than glossy viewing experience, choose the antiglare widescreen display.

For now, the only place to order a 15″ MacBook Pro with antiglare display is Hopefully Apple will begin stocking 15″ MacBook Pros with antiglare displays in its stores and offer them through its retail partners.

via Apple Insider

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