HP Teams Up with DAV to Help Disabled Veterans

HP has outfitted mobile operation centers for the Disable American Veterans (DAV) organization in order to help the group reach veterans who need assistance maximizing or gaining benefits.

The DAV, which provides its services free of charge, uses these Mobile Service Offices that are outfitted with HP notebooks and printers to visit veterans face to face in communities across the country and educate the veterans and their families on the various benefits and services available.

Normally these types of transactions would require a phone call, online interaction or long trip but thanks to mobile gear like these HP notebooks the help can come to the veterans. In this case the DAV is using HP EliteBooks and HPO All in One printers to support the mobile operations. The EliteBooks are professional grade notebooks that offer road warriors and mobile professionals a powerful machine. For a closer look at an EliteBook check out our hands on with the ElitBook 2540p.


  • Douglas Ross says:

    Dear Sir

    I’m a disabled Gulf war veteran and after many years i am still recovering from depression and anxiety disorder, writing and art is one of the things that somewhat helps with this problem, for the past six years I’ve been writing cartoons and creating the characters, but I don’t have the money to take my projects to the next step. so I’ll be brief and to the point. I was wondering if at all possible would you be able to part with one of your laptops that will help aid me in this process, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Sincerely; Douglas A. Ross,

    11843 Spruce Mountain Dr.

    Houston, Tx 77067



  • Dennie Masser says:

    Good Day!

    It is great that HP helped you, but some of us are 100% Service Connected Disabled Veterans. Work on getting free laptops or PC for us who really cannot afford a new one when our old laptop goes bad. Some of us cannot work any more and have not had any increase in our benefits with the current white house.


  • michael weil says:

    Im 100% percent and have a very hard time keeping in touch with family and friends, and also A laptop would come in handy for using the new v.a. health web site. The DAV has been very kind to me in the past, so thank you for your efforts and time :) a computer would help a lot.

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