Optimus Makes it Simple

Rene Haas is the General Manager of Notebooks at NVIDIA In the past, consumers were forced to prioritize notebook performance or battery life, as one feature...
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Do You Need a GPU? It’s For More Than Gaming!

When looking for a new computer a lot of people ask their technologically inclined friend what options they need and which ones to pass on. One question that comes up more often these days from notebook shoppers is, "Do I need a GPU?" It used to be that any question about graphics came back to whether or not the purchaser was a gamer but anymore adding a GPU or Graphical Processing Unit to your notebook is about more than gaming.

100 New NVIDIA-Based Notebooks on the Way: Your Questions Answered

geforce_g210m_small_3qtrToday we announced the completion of the GeForce 200M Series of GPUs with the introduction of five new GPUs. These additions to the GeForce 200M Series are engineered to deliver up to twice the graphics performance with up to half the idle power consumption for every market segment. The GeForce 200M Series are Windows 7-ready and provide GPU computing horsepower for the growing number of GPU- accelerated applications.

Dell Studio XPS 13…Sexy Notebook for Valentines Day

dell_studio_xps_13_2_09Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so here is a little shopping tip for that special someone in your life. The Dell Studio XPS 13 is a sexy little black and silver 13-inch notebook with leather accents. Yes, I just used sexy and leather to describe a computer. The beauty is in the details: an edge-to-edge display, anodized aluminum, backlit everything, a whisper quiet keyboard and a premium fit and finish.
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AMD vs. Intel Integrated Graphics Demo (video)

Pat Moorhead, AMD's vice president of advanced marketing, demonstrates the difference between Intel and ATI integrated graphics. The differences between the two notebooks are very noticeable and anyone trying to decide between an Intel and AMD system should take a look at the following video.
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NVIDIA Unleashes the GeForce 8800M GTX and 8800M GTS

NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTXSome high-end notebooks will soon be available with its highest performing mobile GPUs- the 880M GTX and 8800M GTS. NVIDIA claims the 8800M GTX is the fastest notebook GPU and can deliver the best gaming experience for hardcore gamers.
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NVIDIA 8700M GT GPU for Notebooks Announced

NVIDIA LogoNVIDIA announced a high-end graphics processing unit for gaming and multimedia notebooks today. The GeForce 8700M GT is the newest and fastest GPU in the GeForce 8M series, supporting DirectX 10 gaming performance and HD DVD and Blu-ray video playback.
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ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2000 Series Announced

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2000 AMD announced a new line of notebook GPUs today. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2000 products feature ATI Avivo HD technology and UVD to deliver HD DVD and Blu-ray disc playback, and advanced power management.
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NVIDIA GeForce 8600M and GeForce 8400M Announced

NVIDIA NVIDIA announced a new line of notebook GPUs aimed at mainstream users and gamers alike. In this podcast, NVIDIA product manager Ravi Kashik talks about the benefits of the new 8M GPUs and explains why Vista users need a powerful GPU to get the most from their notebooks.