Dell Studio XPS 13…Sexy Notebook for Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so here is a little shopping tip for that special someone in your life. The Dell Studio XPS 13 is a sexy little black and silver 13-inch notebook with leather accents. Yes, I just used sexy and leather to describe a computer. The beauty is in the details: an edge-to-edge display, anodized aluminum, backlit everything, a whisper quiet keyboard and a premium fit and finish. Elegant, but not gaudy, the Dell Studio XPS 13 makes a fashion statement, and is a heck of a lot more useful than that Chihuahua that Paris Hilton carries around.

But Dell was not satisfied with simply making the Dell Studio XPS 13 look good, they wanted it to be a top performer, to live up to the XPS standard of performance. That is where NVIDIA was able to add value. We helped Dell deliver the world’s first 13.3-inch notebook with two NVIDIA graphics processors.


Packed inside its seductive chassis are two GeForce GPUs. That’s right, a 13.3 inch SLI notebook. Dell equipped the Studio XPS 13 with the GeForce 9400M which redefines the notebook architecture by combining a mainstream GPU, system memory controller, and system I/O into a single chip for the smallest, most power-efficient visual computing experience ever available in notebooks. When you need a little more throttle, the Studio XPS 13 turns to the GeForce 9500M GPU, to boost performance up to 60 percent.

NVIDIA Hybrid SLI technology allows for the two GPUS to work together. With NVIDIA Hybrid SLI, users can combine the processing power of two GeForce GPUs to increase performance and experience more thrilling visuals. To extend battery life, one GPU can be shut down on-the-fly while the other GPU powers an excellent visual experience for watching HD movies, surfing the Internet, or playing casual games. No need to log out, reboot or watch the screen flicker with NVIDIA Hybrid SLI. Shifting gears is as smooth and fast as a Porsche’s paddle shifter.

The standard configuration of the Dell Studio XPS 13 features the award-winning GeForce 9400M GPU, which delivers up to five times faster graphics performance than similar Centrino 2 systems. By configuring the Studio XPS 13 with the GeForce 9500M GPU and Hybrid SLI, users can accelerate a variety of popular visual computing applications like games, photo and video editing. With both GPUs enabled in GeForce Boost, the latest PC games such as Crysis play with higher frame rates than any other 13” notebook.


Guys, the look of the Dell Studio XPS 13 makes it perfect for your wife, girlfriend or that cute little librarian you have had your eye on. She can edit digital media and watch high definition video in style. Ladies, the power under the hood makes it perfect for the metrosexual gamer in your life, too!

There’s never been so much performance in such a small stylish package…

Rene Haas is General Manager of Notebooks at NVIDIA

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