Gaming Notebooks

MSi GX740 Gaming Notebook Now Available

MSi Global recently began shipping its new GX740 gaming notebook. With its massive 17-inch display, Inel Core i7 processor, high-end ATI graphics should provide...
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Hypersonic-PC Shutting Down

Hypersonic-PC was a boutique gaming notebook maker. But not any longer. Response to the news by the average notebook computer consumers was, Hyper who?” Th...

MSI debuts Gaming Notebook MSI GE700

MSI has been busy announcing new notebooks and netbooks this month and they have just added to the MSI lineup with the new MSI GE700 gaming notebook. The MSI GE...

Dell Studio XPS 13…Sexy Notebook for Valentines Day

dell_studio_xps_13_2_09Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so here is a little shopping tip for that special someone in your life. The Dell Studio XPS 13 is a sexy little black and silver 13-inch notebook with leather accents. Yes, I just used sexy and leather to describe a computer. The beauty is in the details: an edge-to-edge display, anodized aluminum, backlit everything, a whisper quiet keyboard and a premium fit and finish.
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Alienware m17 Gaming Notebook Introduced

Alienware's launching the M17 a 17-inch gaming notebook that has some killer specs including the an Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9300 quad-core processor and dual ATI Mobility Radeo HD 3870 cards.
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Toshiba Qosmio X305-Q708 Announced

Toshiba's released its most powerful gaming notebook to date. The Qosmio X305-Q708 features an Intel Core 2 Etreme quad-core processor, dual NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS GPUs with SLi technology, a 128GB solid state drive and a 320GB (7200RPM) secondary hard drive. The Qosmio X305-Q70 is priced at $4,199.99, which is probably out of most notebook buyer's budget, but we can all drool.
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AMD vs. Intel Integrated Graphics Demo (video)

Pat Moorhead, AMD's vice president of advanced marketing, demonstrates the difference between Intel and ATI integrated graphics. The differences between the two notebooks are very noticeable and anyone trying to decide between an Intel and AMD system should take a look at the following video.