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Optimus Makes it Simple

Rene Haas is the General Manager of Notebooks at NVIDIA In the past, consumers were forced to prioritize notebook performance or battery life, as one feature...

5 Tips for Buying a Windows 7 Netbook

Netbooks sales – which have been on a hot streak for a while -- are about to get super-heated this fall with the release of Windows 7. With the critics hailing Windows 7 as fast, stable, and easier to use, consumers will be quick to embrace it. This is the first time people can buy a netbook with a new operating system.

Windows 7: Ready or Not, Here it Comes

Microsoft announced that Windows 7 hit the release-to-manufacturing (RTM) milestone, which means we are on the verge of the launch of the first Windows operating system to enable true coprocessing native to the Operating System. No longer are GPUs limited to rendering and accelerating graphics and video.

100 New NVIDIA-Based Notebooks on the Way: Your Questions Answered

geforce_g210m_small_3qtrToday we announced the completion of the GeForce 200M Series of GPUs with the introduction of five new GPUs. These additions to the GeForce 200M Series are engineered to deliver up to twice the graphics performance with up to half the idle power consumption for every market segment. The GeForce 200M Series are Windows 7-ready and provide GPU computing horsepower for the growing number of GPU- accelerated applications.

The GPU is the Right Processor for Video Applications

rene_haas_nvidiaI explained earlier that one of the key reasons NVIDIA went to a downloadable driver model for notebooks was to enable new features for customers with capable graphics processors (GPUs). The backbone to this is NVIDIA CUDA technology and the emergence of consumer applications that benefit from parallel computing, which is where GPUs really excel.

Amazing New CUDA-Powered Video Enhancement

baby_verevealWhen NVIDIA went to a driver model that allowed consumers to update their notebook graphics drivers direct from NVIDIA, we enabled millions of notebook users to enjoy the benefits of our CUDA parallel computing architecture. One application that was released today that is a great example of how CUDA makes life better is vReveal from MotionDSP.

MXM Brings Flexibility to Notebook Graphics

rene_haas_nvidiaBack in 2004 our notebook partners faced a tough problem – every notebook needed to be custom engineered for each GPU. That might not make a difference to consumers, who just buy complete notebooks with a GPU inside, but the problem with custom engineering is that it takes a lot more time and effort to bring a notebook to the market with the latest GPU.

Dell Studio XPS 13…Sexy Notebook for Valentines Day

dell_studio_xps_13_2_09Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so here is a little shopping tip for that special someone in your life. The Dell Studio XPS 13 is a sexy little black and silver 13-inch notebook with leather accents. Yes, I just used sexy and leather to describe a computer. The beauty is in the details: an edge-to-edge display, anodized aluminum, backlit everything, a whisper quiet keyboard and a premium fit and finish.

Notebook Graphics Drivers Available On

NVIDIA's announced a quarterly driver release program for NVIDIA GeForce GPUs on By leveraging an intelligent installer and modular driver design, NVIDIA's quarterly driver release is able to provide a dramatic increase in performance and functionality without sacrificing any of the vendor-specific customizations for your particular notebook.